Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beach Food

Vacations create memories. Sometimes they recreate them. I ate my first red skinned new potatoes at the beach as a child. I drank my first Sprite from a soft drink machine at the beach years before it was available in the local grocery store.  In my twenties, I accompanied friends to a conference at Myrtle Beach where most of the attendees were New Yorkers. We took them to a typical seafood restaurant one evening and ordered hush puppies. None of the New Yorkers had ever seen a hush puppy and asked, “Why would you eat donuts with fish?” They were soon initiated to the world of Southern food.

I have eaten more than my share of hush puppies on this trip. And Southern fried fish as well. We randomly selected a restaurant named Mr. Fish here in Myrtle Beach. I ordered the fried shrimp and Larry chose the crab and crawfish cakes. Neither of us had ever eaten crawfish, but we both liked these cakes. They were fried – how could you go wrong!

The hush puppies were divine; dense and sweet and perfectly crisp. I ordered the house special condiment, blackberry wasabi sauce for an extra 25 cents. It was great on the shrimp. It had a sweet initial flavor, followed by a serious wasabi kick. I need to do a lot of beachcombing to walk off all the fried calories from this week.

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  1. Ahhh, hush puppies. I had some in VA when I was there recently and they didn't fail to make me happy.