Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Food, food, food, new restaurants, new faces, more food. That’s the idea of Dishcrawl. You purchase a ticket in advance without knowing the exact locations you’ll be eating or the menu. It’s fun to be surprised!

We attended our first Dishcrawl in San Jose on Sunday. We started with empanadas and beer from the mMoon restaurant served on the penthouse floor of a new luxury condo complex downtown. Panoramic views of the city scene accompanied by the crisp and tasty corn or beef empanadas was a great way to start the evening. I was expecting appetizer, bite-sized servings, but these were the full-sized deal, served with a family secret churri sauce.

After enjoying the view and the Argentine pastries, we “crawled” a couple of blocks to MoBowl food truck. If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that the owner, Kevin Wu, is a friend and I have written about his truck before. We enjoyed a sampler prepared specially for the crawlers. Each of us was served a chicken wing, five-spice pulled pork (his signature dish) over rice, salad and a cheesecake eggroll. Excellent as always!

Our next stop was Peggy Sue’s. They serve typical diner fare in a 50’s diner setting. We had a rather long wait to be served, but enjoyed talking with the other crawlers at our table. We had a mini-milkshake while we waited. I chose the rich and creamy chocolate. Other choices were vanilla or strawberry. Apparently we were supposed to get two types of burger and fries to sample - a bacon cheese burger with garlic fries and a pineapple burger with sweet potato fries. But they ran out of the pineapple/sweet potato selection before we were served. No matter - the serving size was large and the fries were quite greasy, so I didn’t need more. 

Our last stop was around the corner at Satori Tea Company. We tried two iced teas - a caffeine-free multi-fruit tea and guayusa, an Ecuadorian tea, along with scones and biscuits. The guayusa was quite refreshing with a light cinnamon flavor that would also make a great hot tea. We finished the “crawl” with a hot rose tea.

The whole event took about two and a half hours for about 35 people. We enjoyed it all, ate entirely too much, and will definitely do it again. You can find the schedule for Bay Area Dishcrawls and a few other locations at Dishcrawl.


  1. Awesome !!! yummy recipes and really fantastic details share in the post. great idea for food. thanks

  2. Great idea. I have never heard of this!

  3. What an incredible idea! The surprise can be a real page turner.


  4. Well you've been one busy lady. Great idea to go out and find some new spots you'd like to go back to. I think I would enjoy that cheese stop too.