Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I had absolutely no sense of taste for two weeks thanks to the horrible cold this little man shared with me. I adore my grandson, Isaac, but he could have kept this nasty virus for himself. If he felt as bad as I did, I don’t know how he managed. It was very strange to have no idea what you are eating, except for the texture.

Since I haven’t been cooking or enjoying food for a while, I’ll give you an update on what our budding little foodie, Isaac, is up to. He is really loving his fruits and vegetables (except green beans). We went to SoCal over the weekend again so I could spend my last weekend before starting treatment playing with him. We played and played and played.  I loved feeding him lunch and dinner every day. He thoroughly enjoys food. Saturday night his menu consisted of:

      Appetizer – half an avocado mashed – he loves avocado. I call him my guacamole guy
      First course – baby spinach salad (pureed spinach, pears and apples) – kudos to him for eating this mushy green mess. I’ve been trying to drink some pureed greens to increase my green vegetable intake and it isn’t easy!
      Main course – applesauce
      Dessert – minced mango

At eight months, he still gets most of his nutrition from mom and a little formula, but he is going to town with the food. He also loves sweet potatoes and butternut squash, neither of which his parents eat. I’m proud of them for preparing organic fresh fruits and vegetables that they don’t even like. I did warn them they’ll need a good answer when he wants butternut squash soup for lunch and asks why they aren’t having it too.

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that we ALWAYS get Paciugo gelato when we visit the kids. Sometimes we stop there twice it's so good. This time, Elyse decided since Isaac is now eating yogurt and has no issue with cow’s milk, he could join us in gelato. He loves berries, so she ordered wild berry gelato for him. He wasn’t used to the extreme cold, so the first bite was a bit of a shock. But after that, he just couldn’t get enough. He grabbed her elbow and propelled it toward him like a little machine when she didn’t shovel it in fast enough. That’s my boy!


  1. I love the photos!!! Oh, how I remember when I gave my daughter her first frozen treat, the face was adorable. She also couldn't get enough.
    This little guy really knows how to eat!!! Sounds like he's got a good mama who is giving him a good healthy start. Nicely done!
    You've been on my mind, hope all goes well, Judy. XO

  2. Oh, I do hope you're back on the mend and tasting things properly again. Nasty colds, but just look on it as a good spring clean :-)
    Isaac is such a good taster! Mango, yes but avocado? That's brillliant. Great healthy boost. Love the look on these startled eyes with the ice-cream!

  3. Lucky little guy. Hope your cold is all gone, it's been a bad year with all the germs. Hope this weekend is great for you, I think Spring is finally here.

  4. I wish I had gotten gelato when I was little!

    Sorry to hear about the cold and I already saw your more recent post that things are getting back to normal. Having no sense of taste is pretty madenning!