Wednesday, February 9, 2011

World Nutella Day

Who knew there was such a thing as World Nutella Day??!! Who decides on these things? But I happened to have my first taste of Nutella last week on a business trip to Switzerland. Just in time to celebrate the special day! I’ve been reading that Nutella is the trendy ingredient for 2011 and I've seen so many recipes on other blogs. When I saw that little single-serving pouch of Nutella on the breakfast bar at the hotel, I couldn’t resist. I spread it on my breakfast roll for a taste.

Not exactly what I was expecting. I love chocolate, but not usually before 10am. I could see how it would be great for cooking, but I don’t think I want it for breakfast. A little too sweet and chocolatey and not as much of the hazelnut as I had hoped.

So to celebrate World Nutella Day (and avoid the SuperBowl) I decided to select a recipe from someone’s blog and do a little cooking on Sunday. I was only a day late, since the Nutella holiday was actually on Saturday. Not being a football fan and having been out of the kitchen for over a week, a little baking sounded much better than an afternoon in front of the TV.

I selected Spicie Foodie's Nutella Banana BreadAn easy recipe and I had all the ingredients on hand. My loaf came out a little lopsided and my texture was nothing like hers. But it had great flavor and was moist and light. We loved it. The banana somewhat overwhelmed the Nutella flavor, but it had a nice buttery undertone that is not a component of my usual banana bread recipe.

I also wanted to make some homemade granola. I haven’t been happy with my breakfast routine lately and I thought this might improve the start of my day. Again, I have a recipe I’ve used before, but decided to try something new. This time I went to Jason at Ancient Fire Wine for the recipe. I used the second recipe from his post and made a few changes. I deleted the raisins (I don’t like raisins) and added a few extra cranberries. I substituted pecans for walnuts (I don't like walnuts). I also added some cashews since I love cashews and we had a new unopened bag. Does it even sound like the same recipe? I'm not really a picky eater, it's just so simple to customize something like this recipe with your own favorites. The granola is delicious and easy to make. If you go to Jason's website for the recipe, it doesn’t give the baking temperature – it’s 325 degrees.

And while you’re at Ancient Fire Wine, check out another of Jason’s posts on fundraising for the American Cancer Society and his participation in Relay for Life. Like Jason, I am a cancer survivor and I support his enthusiastic commitment to raising funds for cancer research and maybe you would like to as well.


  1. I'm glad you found Nutella. It is a neat thing to have a around. We aren't gaga over it. It isn't something new, so Ifigure any trendiness is just people who are only now discovering it talking very loudly! We have had it in our pantry for years and coming from the same company as the Ferro Rocher candies I can say I have been enjoying the flavor in one for or another for a very long time!!!

    So happy that the granola post helped as a guide. We enjoyed it so much and are looking to make some more pretty soon. Variations are boundless.

    Thank you so much for the shout out about our Relay For Life. I knew you would smile when you that post. We will beat this for everyone who is yet to come along. The hardest thing for me to hear and see is when children are diagnosed and then get put through hell to try to get them well. Cancer wants a fight and I'm going to bring it one!


  2. Hi, I'm glad you finally got to taste Nutella. I do agree with you that it can be a bit too sweet. That is why I use it sparingly, but I do love the taste. Glad you like my recipe :) I wonder why you didn't get the same texture though? The granola looks and sounds delicious too, thanks for sharing.

  3. I made my own granola for the first time at Thanksgiving. I made Conor and Naomi's recipe so Conor would have something familiar at "home". It was hearty and not sweet. I really liked tiny, dried blueberries in it.

    As for Nutella...some German immigrants introduced me to it on a camping trip. I figured that it must be an acquired taste that I haven't acquired.

  4. Being a Southern American I've never even tried Nutella! I've been to Europe but didn't give it a thought. Of course now you can buy it around here, and with all these great recipes I'm going to have to give it a shot.

    Thanks for stopping by Confabulation in the Kitchen!

  5. Mmmm what a delicious way to celebrate Nutella Day! I liked Jason's recipe but I'm with you on the cranberries. Thanks for the idea. Think I'll steal it ;)

  6. What a wonderful post, Judy! As you saw we are new to the Nutella scene too! I've found a few people who have made their own, I'm eager to try.
    I'm new to granola too and recently made my own with coconut and absolutely loved it!
    Jason did a wonderful job, that was good of you to link.

  7. I love granola. Homemade is far better and yours looks extremely tempting. I do love Nutella any time of day. Unfortunately I could eat it early in the morning or late at night. Nutella banana bread sounds so good! I'll have to make note of that!

  8. Moist and lovely bread! I love granola but haven't tried making them but yours looks great with substitution you've made.....

  9. Sorry, I'm still catching up on your blog posts/comments, Judy.

    I think I first had Nutella in France some 20 years ago. I though it was good, but too much even for me to eat on toast first thing in the morning. The Europeans LOVE it, as you know. I did like it in crepes as a dessert, though :)

    Interestingly, did you recently hear that Nutella is being sued by a mother who claims she was misled into believing it was healthy to feed her young child every day? Sounds nutty (sorry for the pun), but once I read the article and reviewed Nutella's website, I agreed with the mom. Here's the NPR article, if you're interested:

  10. @Jan-I had commented to Larry on the "balanced breakfast" claim on the label when we bought the jar. A couple of days later I read about the lawsuit on a law blog that I follow. Can't say things on your label that aren't true!