Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tagine or Not Tagine?

Last weekend Larry decided to try out the tagine he gave me for Christmas. I had planned to cook a recipe of chicken and vegetables served over couscous that I had made previously in a regular soup pot, but he took over the experiment. 

He decided immediately there was no way three chicken breasts with bones were going to fit into the tagine. On my last attempt, I had cut the chicken in half and managed to fit in three of the halves. He decided to bake the chicken instead. He opted to cook only the vegetables in the tagine. He didn’t heed my advice to put the tagine on a cookie sheet in the oven. If you remember, on my test run, the liquid ran out all over the oven. And guess what? It did it again. Another big mess. 

When the vegetables were done, Larry shredded the chicken and stirred it into the mixture. The stew was very good but more effort than necessary, especially with the mess!

Tagine or not tagine? I vote no. The same recipe could be made with much less trouble in a large soup pot or Dutch oven. If you decide to buy one, make sure it’s really big. Mine is about 12 inches and it won’t even hold enough for a two serving recipe.


  1. I am intrigued. Are there bigger tangines out there? I'm sorry you haven't had success. I will put off purchasing one so I appreciate you sharing your experiences.

  2. I have seen some that are much bigger. Their conical shape just doesn't hold as much as you think they would.

  3. I have one. I dont use it very often. I like my dutch oven much better. I vote no also.

  4. I have never used a tangine... and after your comments I don't think I will be using one! I don't even pull out my slow cooker, much preferring my big pot on the stove. The meal sounds good though, and he did it! Always a plus!
    Also letting you know that we left you a "Stylish" Award on our blog. I truly enjoy reading your blog and checking in with you, Judy!

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