Sunday, February 27, 2011

Award and An Update

I recently received a Stylish Blogger Award and according to the rules I am supposed to list 7 things you might not know about me, then pass the award on to 10 other stylish bloggers and let them know they have been awarded. Those are the rules. I told you the first thing about me in my last post, so I’ll continue with #2.

Isaac's reaction to Halloween
2. My grandson Isaac is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Did I even need to say that? He’s not a docile, always happy and smiling baby, but sometimes moody, cranky and demanding - like me (that’s #3 about me, by the way). I love him all the more for it. Isaac has brought out a trait in me I did not know I possessed (ask my husband) – infinite patience. No matter if Isaac laughs or cries, smiles, screams or fusses, he commands my complete and unlimited attention.

4. I love chicken wings. Not the ones you get at those wing shops. The ones I bake in mango chutney. They are a perfect party appetizer. Just pour on the chutney and bake at 300 degrees. The longer you cook them, the better they get. You can leave them in the oven all day and remove and serve as needed. We’ve been serving these wings for 10 years at our Christmas open house to rave reviews.

5. We have a real weakness for wine clubs. Until recently we belonged to five clubs, but we are currently overwhelmed with wines and have reduced it to four for now.

6. Paper plates are often my inspiration for a party. I have to stay out of those party stores or I will come home with a whole theme party (not like Star Wars or Barbie, but something grownup and classy, most of the time). Then I buy glassware to match. I’m out of room for glassware. At least the paper plates get tossed after the party.

7. My secret television vice is “Say Yes to the Dress.” I could watch it all day. Everyone I know hates the show, but I just love watching all those brides try on dresses. I never did that for my wedding, but we had such a wonderful experience shopping with my daughter-in-law for her dress, the show brings back great memories.

My surgery went smoothly on Friday and while I was resting yesterday I made my list of recipients of the Stylish Blogger Award. If it made any sense, I would pass it back to Kim at LivLife who gave it to me, because hers is one of my favorite blogs. I love her stories and recipes and she has the cutest puppies I've ever seen. Plus, her photography is phenomenal. I have several other favorites who have already received the award recently, so I will try to name some new ones in this round.

Willow Bird Baking – I love Julie’s sometimes quirky stories and her photography is amazing.
Food Gal – Carolyn’s blog is a mixture of recipes, book and restaurant reviews, interviews and great photography
Just Eat! – Joshua’s culinary adventures in France are always entertaining
a thought for food – Brian has outstanding photography (are you seeing a theme here in my choices?) and great recipes
Jacob’s Kitchen – more great recipes and photography
Leek Soup – Dina is a food photographer and she also shares stories of travels and cooking
More Than Burnt Toast – I enjoy Val’s stories, recipes and photography
Spicie Foodie – Nancy exemplifies great design, entertaining writing, good recipes and photography
the good soup – Angela writes about serious (and potentially controversial) food-related issues, as well as cooking and the challenges of being a new mom. Her blog design is fabulous!

Thank you all for your different perspectives and bringing excellence and variety to the world of food blogging.


  1. OH Lovely and cute baby and wondering Dress . really very nice looking of baby. Thanks for nice posting

  2. You are so sweet. Thank you for the shout out!

  3. My goodness that photo is so funny! Poor Isaac but what a cutie. Well done on the award and good to get to know you better!

  4. I love that photo of your grandson, I don't think hes going to like it when he gets older though!
    Congrats on your award, and what a wonderful bunch of bloggers you have passed it on to!

  5. You are too kind. Thank you for the award! ;)

  6. What is so addictive about the wine clubs? I've never thought much of joining one so I have no idea if I am missing something or it just isn't for me.

    These awards are always a great way to get to know people better. Thanks for sharing!


  7. Jason, For us it is one of two things. Either to support a small local winery where we love the wine and the owners or for the amazing events they offer to club members. For these we only join clubs that are close enough to attend the events on a regular basis.

  8. Congratulations on the award! I love that you belong to so many wine clubs, I should join one. Thank you for thinking of me, it's always nice to receive awards and have such sweet things said about one :) Sorry it took me so long to get here.

  9. cute & Lovely baby. really thanks for wondering this post

  10. Thank you so much, Judy!! I really appreciate it! :)