Monday, January 10, 2011

More Kitchen Gifts

We got quite a few kitchen and cooking-related Christmas gifts this year. Larry kept begging for this mini-donut maker. I just couldn’t see the point. He insisted he could find other uses for it besides making donuts. I guess Santa heard his pleas because it showed up under the Christmas tree.

So far it looks like I was right, that this is a useless tool and just occupies space in the kitchen. Larry has tried making several different recipes of donuts and they were all terrible. If you’ve ever gotten decent donuts from this thing, please let me know how!

Now I’m hoping the gift Santa brought me will turn out to be more useful. I got a tagine. I had mentioned I might like one, referencing the new one being made by Le Creuset. But that’s not what mine is like. I guess Santa prefers more authentic. My new tagine is clay and a little smaller than I had expected.

Before I could use it, the tagine needed to be seasoned. I soaked it for 24 hours in cold water, air dried it for two hours and then baked it in the oven for two more. Only, I forgot the olive oil. So I had to start the baking part over again. Then I cooled it off, rubbed it with olive oil and started the two hours in the oven over again. Hopefully, I’ll get the seasoning process completed in time to use it and try a tagine recipe for dinner!


  1. Lucky you to get a tagine! I'd really like to have one. But, I'll admit I was thrilled with my Christmas presents - a mini pressure cooker and a new dutch oven - both from a shop going out of biz so about 50% off :-)

  2. Kitchen gadgets can be a double edged sword. My wife tends to be more gadget focused that I. I will DIY something up (like my smoker from an old gas grill for $12) rather than buy something that will take up even more space. A good reccomendation from a another foodie goes along way though!

    I can't wait to see the posts using the tagine.