Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cupcake Tree

Some time ago, I decided to do a cupcake tree for Christmas. We bought the tree for a birthday celebration and I thought Christmas would be the perfect occasion to use it again. Tree – Christmas – good fit! I saw some beautifully decorated red velvet cupcakes on a blog, but of course, I forgot to make a note of where I saw it. But I had a vision of the red velvet cupcakes with fluffy white icing that looked like snow.

Now, keep in mind, I have no experience at cake decorating. I did find bright red cupcake papers that would be perfect. And also, the little pearl decorations. I never found the little red balls I wanted that looked like Christmas tree ornaments.

So Larry signed up to make the cupcakes. He likes to bake. He found the recipe for red velvet cupcakes he wanted to use and started baking on Christmas Eve afternoon. I was busy with other activities. About an hour before we needed to leave for Christmas Eve dinner at the home of friends, he announced the cupcakes were done. They were large and beautiful and bright red.

But there were only 18. The tree holds 24. Where were the other six, I inquired. Larry had completely forgotten that the whole idea had been to make the Christmas cupcake tree. There were only 18 cupcakes. Everyone tried to console me and convince me that it was fine to have an incomplete tree. I wouldn’t hear it. So Larry frantically whipped up more batter and made more cupcakes.

Christmas morning arrived and it was time to make the snowdrift icing I envisioned. Easier said than done. We futzed with it for an hour, icing and de-icing multiple cupcakes trying to achieve the look I desired. The clock was ticking, there was other food to prepare. The guests would arrive soon. All we could do was laugh at our decorating ineptitude.

We finally gave up on my vision and took our best shot. The cupcakes were so large, I kept knocking the icing off, trying to fit them into the tree. Not what I had hoped for, but passable. Nevertheless, the guests seemed impressed. The children, in particular, were thrilled with cupcakes, since we usually serve more sophisticated desserts for Christmas. I think my youngest goddaughter ate three while her mother wasn’t looking. 


  1. Love it! And I'm with you on cupcake decorating. You won't see many cupcakes on our blog, and I'm guessing no cakes that need decorating. The one set of cupcakes we made I had Liv decorate. I've given up! Of course, having a neighbor who does it for a business makes me just that much more intimidated. I usually hire her for our cake needs! I think you did a beautiful job Judy. I love the tree!

  2. Kim, I can't take the credit. Larry and I both tried and I got so frustrated, he did most of the icing. I can only take credit for the sprinkles!