Thursday, November 11, 2010

What Happened Here?

                                         Scallops in a Parmesan Crust -Was it This?

                         Aji de Gallina (chicken and potatoes in spicy cream sauce) - Was it this?

Crema Quemada de Coca (Coca leaf creme brulee) -I sure hope not, because this was divine.

What gave me such violent food poisoning? Your guess is as good as mine. It could have been these or anything else I ate in the previous day, but it came on fast and furious. So not much to report from yesterday since I had nothing but water. Except for the mashed potatoes I decided to try after 24 hours of fasting. Aren’t they beautiful?


  1. Ugh!!! Oh, Judy! I'm so sorry. My husband has had a few bouts of food poisoning, luckily I really haven't (I shouldn't have said that!). Sure hope you feel better. You did a nice job on the potatoes, so you must be feeling better!

  2. sorry to hear that.. hope u feel better; potatos looks amazing, so creative..

  3. Oh you poor thing! The food all looks so lovely and innocent, but apparently something was up with it.

  4. Oh man, so sorry to hear that. All is well now I hope.

    I had a run in with E. Coli in October, but don't know if it was from food. I wasn't stomach sick, etc but did end up in the hospital and am still taking meds. Scary stuff.


  5. Oh gosh. I just saw this. Hope you're feeling better already!