Monday, November 15, 2010

Traditional Andean Lunch

Thursday we visited a weavers’ cooperative at Amaru, at over 11,000 feet in the Andes. These delightful, friendly people invited us for lunch. They dumped bags of dried large kernel corn, fava beans and multiple varieties of potatoes onto a cloth on the ground. There was a bowl of dipping sauce made of ground fava beans and spices. They also passed around quinoa soup and chicha, their fermented corn drink. I opted out of the communal dishes since I had been sick, but the dried vegetables were pretty good. Not sure I’d want to eat it every day like they do, though.

At a later stop, they were serving chicha morada, a soft drink made from purple corn. I’ve had this before and don’t care for it too much. I do like the color, if not the taste.

I was still on a very light diet and ordered chicken soup for dinner in the hotel restaurant. Talk about a translation error- they brought me three scoops of ice cream!

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