Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weight Loss by Baseball

Baseball is ruining my life. My house is a wreck, my blog is neglected and I haven’t had a decent meal in over a week. My dinners have consisted of random selections of popcorn, a bagel, hot chocolate or even nothing. Don’t tell your children that intelligent adults eat like this. I’ve lost six pounds (not such a bad thing!). Since the first playoff game against the Braves, I have been consumed by San Francisco Giants baseball and have been glued to the television every night.

I'm not exactly a fair weather fan. I watched it snow on the World Series on television while bedridden during my pregnancy with my son, Matt, 31 years ago. By the time he was walking, he was mimicking batting stances in front of the television. By the time he could talk, he knew the statistics of the Atlanta Braves players. I have attended or watched hundreds, if not thousands, of games over the years. But since my son grew up and left home, I have more or less been on hiatus. Until now.

When I took Matt’s three month old son, Isaac, to his first game two weeks ago, it all began again. Only now I have a rivalry with my son. He’s still a Braves fan, but after 26 years in Northern California, I’ve converted to the local team, the Giants. My son lost a bet with all his friends who are Giants fans and Isaac has to wear a Giants jersey on his FaceBook page. I did a little editing on the photo and reposted Isaac  with a “Fear the Beard” motto. Matt was not amused. And it may get worse. The other night, they put Isaac to bed before the game was over and my daughter-in-law said he fussed and cried and wouldn’t go to sleep. When the game ended, she went into his room and whispered in his ear, “The Giants won” and he went right to sleep. This could be a problem.

Now that the Giants are going to the World Series, my nerves will continue to be tortured for another two weeks starting Wednesday. The house will remain a mess, I'll probably continue to neglect the blog and maybe I’ll lose a few more pounds while ignoring the food situation because I'd rather be watching the game. I'm just hoping my son will be talking to me when they come to visit next weekend.

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  1. Congratulations on your win against our Phillies!! Good luck in the Series, it has been too long since the Giants won the world series, we will be rooting for you!