Friday, October 15, 2010

Leftover Pumpkin

One day this week, I had back-to-back conference calls starting very early in the morning. There aren’t many things I dislike more than early morning calls, except maybe if I have to actually be in the office really early. Usually during those early calls, I just grab a bowl of cereal for my breakfast and try not to crunch too loudly. But this particular morning, we had leftover pumpkin from the pumpkin turkey goulash and I had a better idea for breakfast.

Larry often makes pancakes for his breakfast, but usually I don’t want anything quite so heavy early in the morning. But for pumpkin pancakes, I’ll make an exception. And they don't crunch. While on the call, I quietly pointed out the recipe I’d seen earlier at Liv Life. If you don’t follow Kim’s blog, you’re missing a good one. Then I whispered to Larry that he should take a photo when the pancakes were done. Those pancakes definitely made the conference call more tolerable. Wonder what all those other people were doing while they were listening! One day on a later morning call, a coworker in Europe was trying to talk and put his kids to bed at the same time. Pumpkin pancakes were definitely more fun than that!


  1. Nicely done!! I clicked onto your blog and immediately thought "Wow... that's a great picture! I need that recipe!" I'm so glad you liked these, Liv has loved them since she was a baby.

    I passed the pumpkin goulash to my mom, she has made goulash since I was a kid, but I thought your version looked very different from hers, and frankly much better (I left the last part off when I told her about it though!)

    Thanks you for the nice comments Judy, you made my day!

  2. pumpkin pancakes sound wonderful!!! then the banana's and nuts just pushed them over the top!
    now thats a breakfast that would improve anyones day!

  3. Just the look of that would power me through those calls. Love this idea! I'll have to head over to Liv Life, but that's such a great looking breakfast with the banana for extra sweetness and nuts for crunch.