Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ballpark Fare

It’s baseball playoff season and the San Francisco Giants are there for the first time in years! I haven’t been to a game recently, but my son had tickets for us to attend Friday night’s game at AT&T Park. But to him it was a Braves game, not a Giants game. I don't really care. Having been a Braves fan prior to becoming a Californian, I can enjoy a good game and be happy for either team.

I heard the food at this gorgeous stadium by the bay has gone downhill and now I would agree. I have to admit we weren’t very discriminating in our selection and grabbed the first thing we could find outside our entrance that wasn’t hot dogs. As un-American as it may sound, I don’t eat hot dogs under any circumstances. I had chicken strips and fries. Larry had a burger and garlic fries. It was horribly expensive and all pretty bad, but the garlic fries were especially disgusting – a soggy, sloppy mess. There was a record crowd of nearly 44,000 attendees, so maybe you can’t expect much in feeding the masses. Vendors were out of some choices by the second inning.

The Giants won, but the best part was taking Isaac to his first baseball game. If he’s like his dad, he’ll be quoting stats by the time he can talk. Our household lived and breathed baseball until Matt grew up and left home. You’ll notice Isaac is wearing a Braves jacket, but waving a Giants rally towel. At two months old, it is wise to be bi-partisan. Soon I’m sure he’ll formulate his own allegiances. He loved the lights and all the activity, so we had a great time (except for Matt since the Braves lost). Next time, I think we’ll eat elsewhere before the game.


  1. what a great game.....I hope you took lots of pics so Issac can see what a great time he had!! Were hoping our Phillies do it for us this year!!

  2. I heart stadium food just as much as fair food! And he's such a cutie! He looks so excited

  3. No wonder I didn't know you were a fan! You've kept it hidden under the plate while you waxed about fabrics and food! I've been a fan since I played second base in the Stanford employees league a zillion years ago. You think you don't get food - Conor doesn't get sleep sometimes staying up half the night to stream the game. If he doesn't stay up Chuck emails the results and Conor checks his blackberry first thing in the morning!
    Love Issacs beard. We could watch a game together if you don't mind not having HDTV! None here. You sound good. Best,