Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Meatless Since Monday

I didn’t mean to go meatless, it just happened that I haven’t eaten meat since I ate the five spice pork bowl for lunch again at MoBowl Food Truck on Monday. It was even better this time than the last! Surprisingly, I haven’t missed eating meat. I’ve really enjoyed the seasonal fruits and vegetables along with the cheese and grains we’ve been eating in a rush all week. Basically, I just haven’t had time to cook.

We are in the final countdown to a gala celebration on Saturday for our 25th wedding anniversary. I don’t know if you’re supposed to throw your own anniversary party, but no one seems to object to attending. I’m pretty well known for my parties, although this one is far more elaborate than anything I’ve ever tackled before. I thought that hiring a caterer would mean I didn’t have anything to do. Was I ever mistaken. I have spent countless hours on decorations, activities, costumes, etc. It’s an 80’s theme and I tend to go overboard on themes. I expected the caterer to be horrified at the idea of paper plates. But I explained to him that people would think something was dreadfully wrong if I had plain white plates. I have been known to throw a party around a great paper plate design that struck my fancy. He has been very cooperative and has even designed a special themed setup for the food using neon fluorescent lights to match my 80's neon and polka dot decor. I can’t wait to see it.

But I made a little time for cooking today. I had a few minutes to toss a couple of potatoes into the oven early this morning before our predicted blistering heat was scheduled to arrive this afternoon. I had seen another Bon Apetit recipe I wanted to try, this time for Indian style grilled stuffed potatoes. And to go with the potatoes, I decided to adapt Chef Dennis’s squash tower using Indian spices, rather than African. I loved all the food we had in Zulu country last summer, but didn’t have his spice mixture on hand. So I used Bina’s Magic Indian Spice as I call it (a version of chaat masala), and made the squash with an Indian twist.

I had no time to take more pictures of the finished product, but we had an enjoyable dinner. The potatoes turned out to be very messy and I’m not sure I would make them again using the same technique. The flavor was good, with the chilis and cilantro but I don’t really think it needed all the complicated steps in the cooking and the spicy sesame yogurt paste, although tasty, came out rather runny. Thus the messy part. Next time I’d skip the grilling altogether and just bake them like standard twice-baked potatoes.


  1. I definately think you should plan your own anniv. party and enjoy every moment of it! I want to try some African spices, sounds great!

  2. Enjoy your anniversary party. And after 25 years of marriage I think you can do whatever you want to celebrate a great achievement!