Monday, August 2, 2010

Who needs a crust?

Not me. And it’s a good thing, because I don’t make pie crust. I probably could if I devoted a significant amount of effort, but it’s never been that important to me. I’m not a big pie eater. I’m not opposed to pie, I just generally prefer cake, cookies or ice cream when it comes to dessert.

But recently I saw a recipe on Chef Dennis’s blog for Peach Blueberry Custard Pie. The peaches are so good at the farmers’ market this summer, I was really tempted to try the pie. His recipe sounded really good. But I don’t make pies. And I don’t really like blueberries all that much either. But what if I made his pie without the crust and without the blueberries?

I sliced the peaches and put them into a 9 inch square baking dish, then put the custard mixture (using the greek yogurt option) on top. Baked according to his directions, but no blueberries. When I made the struesel for the top, I added a teaspoon of cinnamon to the mixture, otherwise followed his directions. Should I tell you that somehow the oven malfunctioned and it sat there for the second twenty minute cooking time with the struesel topping soaking into the semi-cooked custard? We really need a new oven. My husband insists I inadvertently turned it off instead of the timer. In spite of the soggy looking mess, I refused to toss it, turned the oven back on and cooked it the required additional twenty minutes.

My non-blueberry peach custard non-pie was great, still hot from the oven. In spite of the potential disaster and the soggy struesel. As you can see, it's not as pretty as Chef Dennis's pie, but it tasted fine. I guess it’s hard to wreck a good recipe. Who needs a crust? Not me. Thanks for the inspiration, Chef Dennis.


  1. Hi Judy making it with struesel is an excellent idea! I don't make as many pies as I would like , because of making pie doughs(not one of my favorite things) but I'm up for struesel any day! I bet it was tasty, malfunctioning oven or not!!
    Thanks so much for the mention! and thank you for the inspiration to make it with that topping!!
    all the Best

  2. Judy, I have to agree that struesel topping sounds like the way to go! While I love a good, flaky pie crust, mine don't always turn out that way. I overbought peaches at my market and need to use them up, this looks like a good way!

  3. That looks so good! But I have to admit...I prefer the crust over anything else :) As my mom got older, she loved mostly the insides. So it was always great when she made pie: She ate the insides and I ate her wonderful crust! :) Still, I DO love struesel topping...and it's probably far less caloric!

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  5. Hi Janet, The crust is always my favorite part as well, as long as someone else makes it!