Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What's a Nectaplum?

Do you know? Have you ever eaten one? If not, you are missing a piece of heaven. I discovered nectaplums a couple of summers ago tasting all the fruit at the farmers’ market. I hate to admit that I don’t like plums or apricots or pluots, but I keep trying all the different varieties in hopes of changing my mind (or palate). I also don’t like white peaches or yellow nectarines. Only  yellow peaches and white nectarines. During this tasting process, I stumbled upon the nectaplum and in one bite, the ensuing explosion of flavor changed everything.

Now I wait all year for the first Sunday in August when the nectaplums are likely to arrive at the farmers’ market. “They’re here! They’re here!” I shrieked in delight to my husband his week when I found them on the tasting table. They’re only available for about a month, so the experience must be enjoyed to the fullest. Last year, we were in South Africa for most of August and even though it was a fantastic trip, I was dismayed to miss nectaplum season! This year, we're staying closer to home.

The Spice Zee nectaplum is a complex hybrid developed by Zaiger’s Genetics in Modesto, CA. The fruit has a dark skin and white flesh and the flavor is both sweet and spicy with low acidity. When you cut it open, it just drips sweet and juicy. I’ve never tried cooking with a nectaplum and never will. I just eat them, with or without the peel, breakfast, lunch and dinner until they disappear at the end of their short season. And then I must wait for them to arrive again. Something to look forward to. 


  1. Oh, Judy, those nectaplums sound sooo good! Funny, I don't like white peaches either...they have no taste to me.

    I have to get to that Farmer's Market one of these days!!

  2. Sounds like me and raspberries! The market guy would see me coming and just shake his head no before I asked if they were in. Finally, I got a big smile and a wave when they arrived about a month ago. I've never had a nectaplum... haven't even seen them. I will look more closely this week and see if we have any!

  3. There is something about the waiting and then the arrival of a seasonal food that makes it extra special. Still can't get used to the year round fruits. I will have to put the nectaplum on my list and give it a try. :)