Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weekend in Southern California

No famers’ market shopping this weekend, so I have no idea what we’re going to eat. Last night I had yogurt and a banana for dinner. It was so hot (my thermometer said 107) I wasn't really hungry anyway. We do have a good excuse for not shopping on Sunday. We made a quick trip south for the weekend to see how much my one month old grandson has grown. Our plan was to do some grocery shopping for them, make a menu plan and do a lot of the prep work and some cooking so they would have meals for the week ahead.
But….when I walked through the door and greeted little Isaac lying in his mother’s lap, he turned his head at my voice and smiled. He remembered me! All my plans flew out the window and all I wanted to do was cuddle and hold him. I spent the weekend doing just that. Rocking, walking,and entertaining him with imaginative adventures while his mom and dad rested or tackled a few tasks.

All our meals were take-out. No cooking materialized. But we ate twice from a great local restaurant that has become one of their favorites. Sea Casa is a small place in Westlake Village that specializes in fresh Mexican cuisine. It is so convenient, reasonably priced and tasty that we made no effort to eat somewhere else. The first night I had a chicken burrito that was far too large to finish. My daughter-in-law’s tostada salad looked so enticing I ordered it on Sunday. I was so famished, I failed to snap a photo to show how beautiful it was prior to devoouring it. I did manage to get a shot of my daughter-in-law’s Sunday choice, a chicken torta. Every order comes with chips and there is an extensive salsa bar with a variety of fresh, homemade salsas to choose from. We tried them all!

Then on Sunday, of course, we returned to Paciugo’s for gelato. I tried several new flavors, but always return to the Mediterranean sea salt caramel. It made for a strange combination, but it was such a blistering hot day (by my Northern California standards of this summer), I wanted something fresh and fruity. So my second flavor was wild berry. I also tasted a very refreshing non-dairy blackberry cabernet gelato, but my daughter-in-law snagged the last scoop.

Now we are home and have no food. I did see where there is a Wednesday night farmers’ market not too far away. But it’s over 100 degrees again today, so maybe I’ll just have yogurt again.

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  1. Oh Judy!!! He is absolutely beautiful!!! They grow so fast. I'm certain his mom and dad appreciated a few hours off duty. What a wonderful weekend!!!