Sunday, August 8, 2010

Something for Sunday morning

I wanted a treat for breakfast this sunny, but cool, Sunday morning. And it’s just for me because Larry is away for a golf weekend. I don’t have much time since I want to make it to the farmers’ market early. It has to be something I can cook with what I have on hand.

French toast. I have a recipe that I got from a weight loss diet about 35 years ago. Often French toast is too heavy for me early in the morning, but this is lighter and lower in fat than the average recipe and I’ve been using it for years. This is the single serving version that I made for myself, but just multiply by as many servings as you want and it works perfectly well.

For each serving:
¼ c non-fat milk
1 egg
½ tsp cinnamon
Dash of orange juice
2 slices whole grain bread

Whisk first four ingredients in a flat dish. Soak bread in the liquid mixture, alternating sides until all liquid is absorbed. Heat pat of butter in frying pan. Cook both sides of toast until brown and crispy and cooked throughout.

Today instead of syrup, I used pureed blackberries. You could use the sauce recipe in my blackberry parfait in the Tasty Tea Cookies post. But I was in a hurry, so I saved a couple of whole berries for garnish and threw the rest of them in the Magic Bullet, along with a little orange juice and cinnamon. It was pretty thick so it made a good dipping sauce for the toast. Well fed, I am now off to the farmers’ market.

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