Friday, July 2, 2010

More Indian Flavors

After my success with the curried vegetable recipe, my friend Bina decided I need more education on Indian food – or either she likes it when I write about her! Once again, I arrived at work to find another homemade Indian meal sitting on my desk waiting for me to take home for dinner. This time it was a spicy ground turkey with peas and potatoes, naan and raita. And once again, it was delicious. I’m getting really spoiled having her cook for me.

A few days later, Bina was headed to the Indian grocery during lunch hour and said she would bring me her favorite frozen naan to try. She thinks it's almost as good as homemade. She later returned with three bags of groceries. “Is my naan in there somewhere? “ I inquired. All three bags of groceries were for me! She got carried away and brought me some of her favorite frozen Indian foods that she likes to keep on hand for when she's in a hurry or doesn’t feel like cooking. Bina says these are the real deal. And I know she’s particular, because once, when we dined in a well-known Indian restaurant, she kept pointing out the dishes that weren’t authentic.

So for dinner one night this week I served the frozen cauliflower masala dosa she had gifted me. You just heat it in the oven for 10 minutes and then I browned it further in a skillet on the stove for a few more minutes to make it crispier. It came with a green chutney that you thaw in the microwave. I was really surprised at how good this was since we don’t eat much frozen food. The masala dosa was very spicy, with authentic flavors and the chutney was a cool, refreshing accompaniment. Along with it, we made the Bihari Green Beans Masala recipe that was recently posted on The Wednesday Chef. Mine doesn't look quite like her photo, because I substituted slivered almonds for the sliced almonds, which changes the color. These two dishes definitely quenched my weekly craving for Indian food. And since our favorite Indian restaurant closed recently, I’m looking forward to trying more of Bina’s frozen treats and maybe I can even coax her into sharing more of her traditional family recipes.


  1. You guessed it right, it's such a pleasure reading about me. I read in the following posts that you love corn and those cob photos looked so enticing that I got up from lazing around to make some of my corn on the cob-grill masala. I'll bring some masala to work next week. Just stock up on the corn and a few lemons.