Friday, July 23, 2010

More Donut Paradise

Today I am in Southern California again, greeting the arrival of my son’s first child – my grandson. It was such a joy to meet him within an hour of his birth. I am completely mesmerized. I spent hours yesterday holding him, just watching him sleep.

You may recall that I was not pleased when my son and his wife decided to leave the beach and move inland. But my dismay was somewhat relieved when I discovered there was a Paciugo’s gelato shop very near our hotel. We stopped there last night. I had a combo of cinnamon and Texas pecan caramel sea salt. Mmmmm good.

Just before our departure for SoCal on very short notice, I had read someone’s blog post about a donut shop in Westwood. Turns out, they have a second shop on the same street as our hotel! Gelato, donuts, I’m starting to like it here more and more. Stan’s Doughnuts has been around for nearly 40 years feeding others like me who have a donut addicton.

So in my continuing saga of the search for donut perfection (see previous Donut Paradise), or at least an adventure trying new donut shops, we headed for Stan’s this morning around 9am. Clearly we were late arrivals since many of the shelves and racks were already empty.

We selected six donuts to try. A couple of standards for comparison to regular favorites and some new varieties. A chocolate covered cake, cinnamon crumb, regular glazed, plain cake, orange glazed cake and this decadent looking orange cinnamon glazed buttermilk torpedo shaped thing. Taste testing must be accompanied by milk and coffee.

Overall, our taste test was enjoyable. But have you ever really had a bad donut? The plain glazed didn’t quite meet my standard for fluffiness – I like them like air surrounded by the sugary glaze. That cranberry orange buttermilk was heavy as a rock and really sweet. Tasty, but I couldn't eat much. It made the plain cake taste really good in contrast. Normally I don’t like icing on a donut, but the orange glaze on the cake donut was excellent. The glaze was really fresh and tangy. Compared to iconic Randy’s Donuts near LAX, I might like Stan’s a little better. Maybe we’ll go back at 6am and see what we missed.

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