Monday, July 26, 2010

Breakfast Treat

I am still in Southern California with my new four day old grandson. He takes after his mother – he is already laughing. Prying myself away today is going to be difficult. I’ve spent so much time admiring him, I’ve done little else in recent days. But we did go out for breakfast this morning. There were plenty of choices near our hotel and we settled on a local chain called Eggs "n" Things. Located in a strip mall, like everything else here, I didn’t expect much personality from the restaurant. But it was light and airy and the aroma of pancake syrup wafted through the air when we first stepped inside. Off to a good start!

I was pleasantly surprised to be treated to a Swedish pancake after we placed our order. A pancake is too large to qualify as an amuse bouche, but I’m not complaining. When’s the last time you got a special surprise in a chain breakfast restaurant??!!
I ordered banana nut pancakes, since I’ve been on a pancake binge lately. Note: Donuts do not qualify as a binge since they are a permanent craving. I forgot to ask if they actually put the bananas and nuts in the batter the way I like it. As you can see, they did not. Plain pancakes with stuff on top. Nevertheless, it was pretty good and I couldn’t eat it all the serving was so large. I think my pancake cravings will be satisfied for a while.

We’ll head home today and I’ll be back to the kitchen, etc. Missed the farmers’ market this week, so I have no idea what we’ll find to cook and eat on returning home. We’re not likely to go hungry.

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  1. Congratulations on the new grandbaby!! What a special time it must be for you all. I've never been to Eggs N Things, but I have to admit your breakfast looks darn good!