Monday, June 7, 2010

What's for Dinner?

Is this a question that someone asks you almost every day? Your children or your spouse, or maybe you even ask yourself. Like laundry, cooking dinner is one of those never-ending tasks. There’s always tomorrow. Somebody has to make dinner, day after day after day.

We usually go to the farmer’s market on Sunday morning and I start planning the week’s menus based on what we purchase. I pour over recipes trying to come up with healthy, appetizing meals for the week. The goal is to entice us to eat at home and use what we have bought. I usually plan four menus, but I must admit we rarely even stick to those. Something always comes up. Working late, too tired to cook, one of us doesn’t want any of this, or desperately craving something else specific – those are the common excuses for not eating what I’ve planned. But since there are seven days in the week, the chances are reasonably good we’ll at least use most of the ingredients in the frig. So I prepare the grocery list, and Larry goes off to do the rest of the grocery shopping. With any luck, he’ll come home with everything needed for the plan.

This week’s menu plan consists of:

BBQ grilled chicken breasts
Watermelon, mint and green onion salad
Corn on the cob

Tilapia with balsamic butter sauce
Thyme mashed potatoes
Sugar snap peas

Fajitas made with Trader Joe’s carne asada
Rice with squash, red peppers and roasted pepitas

Grilled pork loin with chutney
Green beans with mushrooms
Layered pesto, sweet potatoes and cinnamon basil tea biscuits (more on this recipe later if it works!)

Who knows what take out or dining out or improvisations will find their way into the week’s plan? But I find that if I start with a reasonable outline, we’re much more likely to eat healthy and eat at home than if we leave the whole week to chance.

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  1. Funny to see your menus posted. I just decided to go back to the days when we made up menus at the beginning of the week. By doing that our meals will go back to being more imaginative. I found that 4 is a good number, too. And now I have a head start by borrowing your 4 posted meals. But, watermelon?! Where is that coming from at this time of the year? A greenhouse somewhere? Now, if only I had your wine collection...