Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's the weekend!

I am really tired of cleaning sawdust out of drawers and cabinets. But at least it has given us the opportunity to review the contents and dispose of some items we no longer need or use, or never did or don't even know what they are. And BTW, just how many empty jars does anyone need, Larry?! Due to my treatment schedule, I'm not working right now, so you'd think I have plenty of time to get this done. But my energy level is pretty low and I need lots of naps, so it seems like it's taking forever.

But by the weekend, the side effects have worn off and I'm feeling fine. Just in time for a good weekend of wine tasting. Saturday was the monthly tasting for La Honda Winery in Redwood City. This month was "Library Wines." I think they are also doing some housecleaning to make room for the upcoming new releases. We came home with a bottle of pinot noir at an outstanding price. If you've been reading my posts, you know that I credit (blame) La Honda for my new-found interest in reds, especially cabs. Our collection has grown to the point that we just ordered a new wine rack to hold 70 bottles. There was a great article in the SJ Mercury News recently about the winery. Check out their website at for a link to the article and to find out about upcoming events and their outstanding selection of wines.

Next comes Sunday morning and the farmer's market. I've missed our usual Sunday routine which has been preempted due to travels. The market was packed today with people pushing and bumping constantly. I almost wished I'd stayed home. But I excused their rudeness and enjoyed the sights and sounds. Today we got some delicious mandarins - I love it when you can taste before purchasing. Also peas, arugula, flowers for the almost refreshed kitchen, a slab of herb bread and carrots to make a soup I plan to try this week. The carrots looked so delicious, I just couldn't pass them up for grocery store carrots, even though they cost a little more.

Sunday afternoon was the Thomas Fogarty Spring WineFest. We met friends there and spent a lovely afternoon sipping wine and nibbling cheese, fruit and chocolate. The garden was in full bloom even though it was still only in the 40's and foggy in the mountains. Way too chilly to sit on their beautiful deck. You get 10 tasting tickets and as usual, we came home with a couple of bottles to add to our collection. In case you didn't bring a picnic, Sam's Chowder Mobile from Half Moon Bay was serving its seafood specialties. So in addition to all our other goodies, I ordered fried calamari and the others had clam chowder. The calamari was a very large serving of sweet rings and tentacles with a nice crispy batter. Much better than I expected from a mobile truck. Overall, an excellent weekend for food and wine.

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