Sunday, April 11, 2010

One Fish Two Fish...

I've been craving seafood lately, but I think what I really want is fried clams at Red Lobster. I am trying to eat healthy, so I decided we should have tuna filets for dinner last night. We are not very adventurous in cooking seafood at home and have never cooked tuna. I selected a recipe from a 2002 Bon Appetit magazine for Sicilian slow roasted tuna filets. I guess I should have looked up the reviews before, rather than after. It was a disaster. By the time the thermometer read 145 degrees as required by the recipe, the tuna was deathly dry and overcooked and so was the rest of the meal that had been waiting around on the tuna. The saving grace was the wine selection. To go with the tuna, I had chosen 2006 La Honda Winery (Redwood City) Oakville Merlot. This wine is fabulous and not too expensive ($19). Very rich and fruity. It also went really well with the brownie trimmings I had leftover from the three dozen I made for the Bill Wilson Center lunch on Friday. We finished off both the wine and the brownies to make up for the disastrous dinner. So much for healthy eating.

La Honda is actually my favorite winery. I discovered them a little over a year ago when the Thursday evening tastings at GC Cafe in Menlo Park were still $5 (before they became famous after a great review in the newspaper). I had never found a cabernet sauvignon I could enjoy. Usually the tannins in red wines give me a headache. But that fateful night at GC Cafe, Ken Wornick, one of the owners and the winemaker at La Honda, poured their 2002 cab that changed my life forever. I was in love. Since then I have been on a quest to find reds that I both could drink and love. There are precious few bottles of that 2002 cab left in the world and I know where most of them reside. Many are in my wine rack!

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