Tuesday, April 13, 2010


My first rose of the spring bloomed today. Just in time for a little celebration. After six weeks of post-surgical recovery I am finally allowed to return to work tomorrow. I'm surprised to be so pleased to get back to the grind. But not so long ago it seemed like I would never feel well enough. This much progress is a little victory.

Since it is mid-week, the celebration is modest. But enough to warrant opening a bottle of that wonderful Thomas Fogarty SCM Estate Chardonnay to go with the salmon with lemon buerre blanc sauce on a bed of sauted greens. Even though I was raised a southerner, I have never eaten cooked greens. No spinach, collards, kale, mustard or chard. Ick. But when I started taking the food and wine pairing series at PCI, I decided I would at least try whatever we cooked in class. I have made some suprising discoveries. I like cooked greens if done well. This salmon recipe was on the menu in the fall class and it has become one of our favorites. It calls for chard, mustard, collards and kale or any combination thereof. When making it for just the two of us I usually select just one green. The dark shiny green of the leaves with the contrasting red or gold stems and veins of  chard always looks so appealing in the morning sun at the farmer's market, it usually ends up in this dish. I've asked chef Charlie Vollmar for permission to include his recipe and if he agrees, I'll publish it soon.

A saude! (That's Portuguese for To health!)

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