Monday, April 19, 2010


I've been waiting a long time for today. My friend Bina always brings a delicious Indian dish of peas and potatoes when we have a potluck at work. I've asked her many times for the recipe and she always replies that she doesn't have a recipe, that she'll have to write it down sometime when she makes it. I am persistent and I keep asking since my attempts at Indian cuisine are usually not quite right. Today when I arrived at work there was a surprise on my desk. It was dinner for tonight. Not only did Bina make the peas and potatoes for me, but there was also dal and naan. And she gave me the long awaited recipe!

My friends have taken such good care of me recently in so many ways. I could certainly have cooked dinner tonight, but I'm really glad I didn't need to. I've only been back at work a few days and I'm still not used to the routine. I'm really tired by the time I get home. So to have a ready-made dinner is a luxury. The peas and potatoes had the perfect blend of ginger, curry, cumin and coriander and she says the recipe can be adapted to any combination of vegetables. I can't wait to try it myself and see if I can duplicate Bina's culinary magic.

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